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Moving Inwards – Album


Product Description

Your £10 purchase works as a donation. All profits from the purchase of this album will go back into the project to enable us to provide more music workshops on mental health hospital wards.

Album includes ‘Find you Know’ featuring Mark Morriss of ‘The Bluetones’ on backing vocals and tracks played on BBC Introducing.

  1. Reflections
  2. The Presence
  3. Calling
  4. See the Light
  5. Find You Know
  6. Take Me Home
This album explores the recovery processes that have kept Pete the lead singer well since his discharge from hospital over 12 years ago.
In his early 20’s, over the space of 3 years, Pete spent around 11 months on mental health hospital wards before being diagnosed with Bipolar.
Since leaving he and Phil Seaman & Sam Munton of the band refuge have worked to help normalise mental health and bring options and support to those that may require it.

The CD has powerful and inspiring accounts in its sleeve. It’s our hope that these powerful stories from past service users will be of great value, hope and inspiration.

We thank you for helping us to make music become an everyday feature on Mental Health Hospital Wards.


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