Develop Insite

The Big Yellow Workshop

The ‘Big Yellow Workshop’ was borne out of the creative project ‘rethinkyourmind’ that supports positive mental health with ‘The Yellow Book’. Yes! You’ve guessed it! This workshop is big and it’s very yellow! Yellow is the uplifting colour of sunshine and is the first key to taking us to a place of feeling warmer and better – a place of wellbeing.

Every delegate will receive a yellow bag of yellow goodies and these will be introduced throughout the ‘Big Yellow Workshop’ to ensure audience participation and engagement. Our Team will share a personal recovery story; mindfulness practices and original live music that will leave everyone feeling inspired, resilient and uplifted. The ‘Big Yellow Workshop’ stimulates all the senses and our passionate delivery will ensure an infectious sense of wellbeing.

The yellow bag will also include ‘The Yellow Book’, the NHS endorsed wellbeing resource created by those with mental health challenges. Simply let us know: the where, the when and the wherewithal and we will tailor a presentation to fit.



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