Develop Insite

NHS Wellbeing resources

We strongly support the belief that when staff are feeling well and satisfied with their work, the patient experience improves. Yet statistics show that staff absenteeism and presenteeism is on the rise and the recurring cause is stress-related. Life is experiential and when we choose to do more of the things that feel good, our life experience naturally improves. The focus then, is to ensure that staff consider work a ‘feel-good factor’ in their lives.

The ‘Big Yellow Workshop’ is an incredibly powerful training experience that empowers staff to feel well and connect with the gratifying elements of their work. Allow us to support your Trust or Leadership Academy to support your staff and re-ignite their passion and re-awaken their ‘joie de vivre’. Happier staff lead to happier patients and improved wellbeing for all.

Simply let us know: the where, the when and the wherewithal and we will tailor a presentation to fit.


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