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School / College / University packages

Pupils, students and staff alike, we all work and function more harmoniously when we feel better. How do we feel better?…. Do more of the things that we enjoy and get creative!

‘The Yellow Book’ is an incredible NHS endorsed wellbeing resource centred around creativity and positive metal health. Your school, college or university can all get involved! There’s opportunities for the individual to have their work published on a national website and possibly in the national Yellow Book. There’s also opportunities to create your very own, personalised Yellow Book, an idea that has just been successfully piloted at Peterborough Regional College.

Importantly, we also visit schools, coleges and universities to openly talk about mental health and wellbeing and to encourage pupils, studenand staff to ge involved. Our aim is to deepen emotional intelligence; strengthen resilience and improve the wellbeing of your organisation through its people feeling better.

Simply let us know: the where, the when and the wherewithal and we will tailor a presentation to fit.


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