Develop Insite


In 2014, Claire Evans (owner of The Centre of Wellbeing) and Pete Hirst (‘refuge’ lead singer) set up the ‘not for profit’ company Develop Insite CIC in order to support their passion for wellbeing and to facilitate positive mental health projects.  In 2016, the company employed the band ‘refuge’ to develop a new piece of work for the project ‘Moving InWards’ titled: ‘Within’.

After their initial ward sessions at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust delivering the ‘Moving InWards’ project in 2014/15, ‘refuge’ realised that a relaxation element would really enhance the workshop experience.  In collaboration with Claire, a qualified Mindfulness Coach, it was decided that a double album titled ‘Within’ would be created.

On one side, it is a relaxation album of refuge’s work, mentored in its production by ‘The Bluetones’ lead singer Mark Morriss. On the other side, it is a series of mindfulness body scan practices, written by Claire and set to music that was created by ‘refuge’. Calming the mind is such an important part of wellbeing and both Pete and Claire are keen to make simple practices accessible and available to everyone.

It’s so important for us all to have relaxation built in to our lifestyles and relaxing to music can be a great support. The album will be available to purchase later in the year and all sales will aid the continuation of the Moving InWards work. ‘refuge’ are currently developing the Moving InWards work on the Older Peoples Mental Health Wards at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, more can be found by clicking here… The aim is to make music an everyday feature on mental health hospital wards nationwide.

The album will be launched on the company’s second birthday on: Saturday 10 September 2016, at an intimate gig headlined by the band’s mentor: Mark Morriss.

Our thanks to Emma Fay and the team at Enter Edem who provided all the artwork for the project and album sleeve and the music video for the first single, released on the 11 April 2016, featuring Mark Morriss on backing vocals.

And finally, a huge thank you to all the staff at LPT and those on the wards for all their support and their fantastic feedback.




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