Develop Insite

Peter Hirst

As the creator of all of our projects to date and the Joint Owner of Develop Insite
CIC, Peter continues to feel passionate about giving people as many options as
possible when faced with mental health challenges whether they are the carer,
relative, friend or patient.

This passion comes from his own personal experience of psychosis and being
admitted into hospital on several occasions in his early 20’s, before being diagnosed
with bipolar. However, Peter became aware that these times were also challenging
for his parents and friends who didn’t know where to turn.

After a period of time after admission, Peter connected with an organisation called
SISO where he worked as a Development worker; regained confidence, purpose and
an opportunity to feel safe and supported. Feeling more empowered to take control
of his life, he began to move forward to help and support others through creative
projects around positive mental health.

Music has played a huge part in his life as a musician, songwriter and lead singer of
‘refuge’ – an acoustic band made up of 3 members: myself, Sam Munton on bass
and Phil Seaman on lead guitar. Peter has used this creative background to prove
that when you do the things that help you feel better, you really do feel better!
Now, Peter has orchestrated a whole host of projects and is the joint owner of this
company which has afforded him many opportunities to share his story of recovery
and to talk openly about mental health.

To get in touch, please email [email protected]


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